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Removing Your Internet Tracks

You may wish to cover your tracks when viewing this resource or other websites to prevent an abuser knowing you have accessed them. To do this:

Clear your Internet Explorer history  and the cache of stored web pages and data (pull down the tools menu, select internet options, click "Clear history" and "Delete Temporary Internet files")

If an abuser has access to your emails, they may be able to read your incoming and outgoing mail. To prevent this, make sure you choose an e-mail account password that they will not be able to guess.

If you have been sent threatening or harassing e-mail messages, hey may be printed and saved as evidence of this abuse.


Please be aware that this information may not completely cover your tracks. Many internet browsers have features which display recently accessed webpages. The safest way to find information on the net, would be at a library, a friends house, or at work.

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